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Health Education Associates
7328 Ramsdell NE
Rockford, MI.
Phone: (616) 874-8800


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EDU Consulting
Educational Consulting

The services we provide range from a one-time inservice to an ongoing relationship where we provide the educational programming for your institution.

A detailed fee structure may be requested directly from Laura or Carol. An agreement for any service will be drawn up so that all parties are clear about expectations and timeliness.

Periodic Inservices
  • New product
  • Practice change
  • Clinical review of high-risk
    or low-frequency practice
Orientation Classes
  • Infection control
  • Cardiac rehab
  • Basic and 12-Lead ECG classes
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Courses
  • Critical care classes
  • Emergency management
  • CPR
  • Orientation written exams
  • Development of competency checklists
  • Documentation of necessary elements



Annual Competencies
  • CPR
  • Technical skills validation
  • Annual validation exams
  • Annual recordkeeping