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Health Education Associates
7328 Ramsdell NE
Rockford, MI.
Phone: (616) 874-8800


C P R Course Registration

Health Education Associates
Basic Life Support (BLS) - CPR for Healthcare Professionals - RENEWAL Course

Cost: $55.00

There is a $5 cancellation/transfer policy. If you cancel or transfer to another class, you will be charged $5.

"No Shows" will receive no refund.

Payments cannot be received when logged into blackboard.

If you have technical problems with online registration, call Robin at 616-889-0821.

Though our courses follow the American Heart Association Guidelines, other than costs of materials, the American Heart Association does not receive any compensation for these courses.






Times, Dates & Locations

Mar 21 (Wed) 5:30pm-8:30pm
@ CHS buillding @ GVSU on Michigan St.
- Room 123

Apr 2 (Mon) 5:30pm-8:30pm
@ CHS buillding @ GVSU on Michigan St.
- Room 469

Apr 7 (Sat) 12noon-3pm
 @ HOPE College, Schaap Science Center
- Room 1118
HOPE students only

Apr 19 (Thurs) 6pm-9pm
@ Aquinas College, Grand Rapids
- JLH 215 AQ students only

Apr 25 (Wed) 6pm-9pm
@ FSU, Big Rapids
- Room VFS 326A


To schedule a private class contact Carol at 616-874-8800 or email:
(minimum number 5)